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Certified Home Inspection Services & Fees

These prices are for single family dwellings up to 2000 square feet. For other home inspections, we will be happy to provide a quote upon request. All prices are subject to GST. We are locally based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.



The purpose of this inspection is to provide you with all the information needed about the current condition of a house you are interested in buying prior to buying it. Understanding its current condition will assist you with your purchase decision. It involves a full visual, performance based inspection of the house from top to bottom and typically takes 2 to 3 hours. A report and the Home Reference Book will be provided.



The purpose of this inspection is to provide you with an understanding of the condition of your house prior to offering it for sale. This information will help you decide what to update before putting the house up for sale as well as to help you set the asking price. The inspection typically takes 2 to 3 hours. A report and the Home Reference Book will be provided.



Inspecting a mobile home can take a little less time than inspecting a house, so the cost is a little less. We inspect the same things as with a house, either associated with a purchase or listing for sale. A mobile home has a few things not normally found with a house such as the skirting, and area underneath the mobile home. These are also inspected. The inspection should take around 2 hours.



If you feel you don’t need a full inspection, but are concerned with only 2 or 3 components of the house, this inspection is for you. You can pick which 3 components to be inspected from this list: roofing, exterior, structure, electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, insulation and interior. A report with the 3 components selected will be provided.



We can add an infrared thermal imaging scan to any home inspection for $50.  For each thermal image photo to be included in the report there will be an additional $25. However, most people do not need any pictures included.



There are a number of reasons why areas of your exterior walls and ceilings may be cooler or warmer than nearby similar surfaces. An infrared thermal imaging scan of your house can identify where these areas are located. At some later point, you may need to open up the wall or ceiling to know the cause for sure. This service provides a report identifying the location of suspect areas, an opinion as to the probable cause and a recommendation as to your next steps. This service includes a scan of the exterior walls from the outside and a room by room scan of the inside walls and ceilings.



Are you having a specific problem that you need to investigate? Are you wondering what the root cause is and what steps may be required to address it? We can do an investigation and provide a report of our findings. We will use the thermal imaging camera to assist us at no extra charge. The cost is $250 for the first two hours of the investigation and $75 per hour after that.


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